Ay 102

Physics of the Interstellar Medium
Winter term 2011

Basic information: Course description: An introduction to the properties of interstellar matter, the physical processes that govern it, and observations of the ISM. Topics include: photoionized nebulae; interstellar dust; atomic, molecular, and hot gas; absorption lines; hydrodynamics and shocks; magnetic fields; and cosmic rays and high-energy processes in the ISM.
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Homework & Exams

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Lecture Notes, Presentations, and External Resources

Introduction; sky maps and the ISM's appearance across the EM spectrum

Atomic structure: hydrogen, helium, and metals

H II regions


Molecular spectroscopy

Photodissociation regions

Diffuse ISM

Hydrodynamics, MHD, and Shocks

Pulsars & Radio Wave Propagation as Probes of the ISM

Cosmic Rays

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