Time: 9:00am-10:30am, Mondays and Wednesdays

Room: Cahill 219

Instructor: Jim Fuller

Units: 9 (3-0-6)

Student Level: graduate students and seniors

Website: http://www.tapir.caltech.edu/~fuller/Ay123/


  • Thermodynamics, equation of state, convection, opacity, radiative transfer, stellar atmospheres, nuclear reactions, and stellar models.
  • Evolution of low- and high-mass stars, supernovae, and binary stars.

  • Five problem sets, each worth 10% of final grade
  • Oral midterm, worth 20% of final grade
  • Written, take-home final exam, worth 30% of final grade

Homework Policy:

Please attempt to solve the problems on your own before consulting other students. You may consult books and published papers but not old homework solutions from this or any other class. After that, discussion of hte problems with other students in this class to improve your understanding of the underlying physics is permitted and encouraged. However, you may not copy homework solutions.

The formal Ay123 policy is that students can freely discuss the problems, but they need to work out solutions on their own without referring to others' solutions.

Class Schedule:

Reading assignments are indicated by HKT (Hansen, Kawaler, & Trimble) and KWW (Kippenhahn, Weigert, & Weiss).