Gas flows in the circum-galactic medium (LMC-mass)

These animations, based on the cosmic baryon cycle analysis reported in Anglés-Alcázar et al. (2017a), illustrate gas flows that fuel star formation in galaxies (fresh accretion, wind recycling, intergalactic transfer, …). See the paper for descriptions of the different types of gas flows. Redshift labels redshift, dashed line the virial radius at each time, grey background is a map of projected gas density. Yellow stars show a random subset of the stars in each galaxy. Pink lines show the local gas velocity field with “flow lines” following that field at each time. The green lines that appear show “intergalactic transfer,” when gas is blown out of one galaxy via stellar feedback, and then “stolen” by the neighbor galaxy and accreted onto it to form new stars (line shows the path of a randomly-sampled gas parcel). Blue lines show “recycling” when material is blown out of a galaxy and then re-accreted. This is for a halo with Large Magellanic Cloud mass (1e11 solar mass halo) at present-day. Made by Daniel Angles-Alcazar, for

© Philip Hopkins 2015