Phil Hopkins’ Research Group:

Planets, Stars, Galaxies and in-between

Philip F. Hopkins

Our Group

Xiangcheng Ma

(Grad student)

At Caltech:

Me (Phil Hopkins; Caltech Faculty)

Denise Schmitz

(Grad student)

David Gusjenov

(Grad student)

Antonija Oklopčić

(Grad student)

Elena Murchikova

(Grad student)

Students I’m Advising:

Other Students working

   with us on projects:


Paul Torrey

(Joint Caltech-MIT postdoc)

Andrew Wetzel

(Joint Caltech-Carnegie postdoc)

Ji-Hoon Kim

(Caltech Einstein Postdoctoral Fellow)

Chris Hayward

(Caltech Theory Postdoc in the Moore Center)

At other institutions:
   Members of our “Galaxies on FIRE” Collaboration:

University of California, San Diego:

Dusan Keres

(UCSD Faculty)

Sasha Muratov

(UCSD Postdoc)

T.K. Chan

(UCSD Grad Student)

Northwestern University:

Claude-Andre Faucher-Giguere

(Northwestern Faculty)

Daniel Angles-Alcazar

(Northwestern CIERA Postdoctoral Fellow)

UC Berkeley:



(Hubble Fellow at UCB)


van de Voort

(UCB TAC Postdoctoral Fellow)

Eliot Quataert

(UCB Faculty)

And elsewhere:

Norm Murray (CITA Director)

Desika Narayanan

(Haverford faculty)

Jose Onorbe

(MPIA Postdoctoral Fellow)

James Bullock

(UC Irvine faculty)