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Theoretical Astrophysics and Relativity Seminars AY 2021-2022

Galaxies and Dark Matter
Gravitational Waves, Relativity and Compact Objects
Galaxy Evolution, Star Formation
High-Energy Astrophysics
Fangzhou Jiang
Abigail Polin

Seminars will be Virtual [V] or Hybrid [H]: 370 Cahill & ZOOM
on Fridays at 2:00pm, unless otherwise noted in red

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Fall Term 2021
Speaker (Affiliation)
September 24
Isobel Romero-Shaw
Monash Univ
Eccentricity in Gravitational-Wave Transients
October 1
Dhruba Dutta Chowdhury
Yale Univ
Constraining Dark Matter through Gravitational Heating and Cooling Processes Jiang
October 8
Michael Pajkos
Michigan State Univ
Interpreting Gravitational Waves from Core-collapse Events Using Supernova Simulations Panopoulou
October 15
Jose Maria Ezquiaga
Univ of Chicago
The next frontier in gravitational wave cosmology
NOTE: Unusual venue -- 304 Cahill
October 22
Itai Linial
Hebrew Univ of Jerusalem
Shocking Transients: Early light from stellar explosions Panopoulou
October 29
Perry Hatchfield
Univ of Connecticut
Dynamics and Star Formation in the Milky Way's Galactic Center Jiang
November 5
Mike Shull
UColorado, Boulder
What's Happening in Halos Panopoulou
November 12
Claire Ye
Northwestern Univ
Neutron Star Dynamics and Radio Pulsars in Globular Clusters Kremer
November 19
Marc Williamson
New York Univ
Reconstructing Exploded Stars: Constraining Helium Mass in Stripped Supernovae Polin
November 26
November 25-26
December 3
Brenna Mockler
UC Santa Cruz
Exploring galactic nuclei with tidal disruption events Polin
December 10
Drummond Fielding
Flatiron Institute
Unlocking Multiphase Galactic Gas Flows Polin
WINTER RECESS: Dec 11 - Jan 2

Winter Term 2022
Speaker (Affiliation)
January 7
Geert Raaimakers
Univ of Amsterdam
Unraveling neutron star interiors with multimessenger observables Polin
January 14
  No Seminar -- AAS Meeting  
January 21
January 28
Benjamin Keller
Heidelberg Univ
Stellar feedback in galaxies: from the dense interstellar medium to circumgalactic gas Deger
February 4
Minghao Yue
Univ of Arizona
Models and Observations of High-Redshift Gravitationally Lensed Quasars Kremer
February 11
Katelyn Breivik
Flatiron Institute
Binary Evolution: a Multi-messenger, Multi-band Puzzle Kremer
February 18
Kedron Silsbee
Max Planck Institute
Cosmic rays in the context of star formation: propagation and effects Jiang
February 25
Mattia Sormani
Heidelberg Univ
Gas dynamics, inflow and star formation in centre of the Milky Way Deger
March 4
Santi Roca-Fabrega
Univ Complutense de Madrid
The CGM properties' dependence on the halo mass, redshift, and numerics Jiang
March 11
Jennifer Barnes
Hunting for alternative sources of r-process elements Polin
March 18
Bhupal Dev
Washington Univ St. Louis
Probing Neutrino Mass Models at Neutrino Telescopes Kunal Mooley
SPRING RECESS: March 17 - March 25

Spring Term 2022

Speaker (Affiliation)
April 1
Stuart Bartlett
GPS, Caltech
Agnostic Planetary Assessment using Epsilon Machines Deger
April 15
Josh Mathews
University College Dublin
Self-Force Waveforms with a Spinning Secondary Kremer
April 22
Mor Rozner
Technion Institute
Binary evolution, gravitational-wave mergers and explosive transients in multiple-populations gas-enriched globular-clusters Polin
April 29
Jonathan Freundlich
Université de Strasbourg
Dark matter core formation, ultra-diffuse galaxies, and MOND Jiang
May 6
Marcus DuPont
New York University
Death Stars: Ring explosions from flattened stars Polin
May 13
Paul Duffell
Purdue University
Beyond Simulations Polin
May 20
Chase Kimball
Northwestern University
What compact-object mergers (and re-mergers) can tell us about astrophysics Kremer
May 27
Newlin Weatherford
Northwestern University
Black Hole Populations in Globular Clusters: Observational Validation, Modeling Uncertainties, and Massive Mergers Kremer
June 3
Yingjie Peng
Peking University
Confronting simulations with observations of cold gas Jiang
June 10
NO SEMINAR -- Caltech Commencement

Summer 2022

Speaker (Affiliation)