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Theoretical Astrophysics and Relativity Seminars

Galaxies and Large-scale Structure
Numerical Cosmology
Chiara Mingarelli
Andrew Wetzel
Astrid Lamberts

All seminars will be held in 370 Cahill on Fridays at 2:00pm, unless otherwise noted in red

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Summer Term 2014-2015

Date and Time
Speaker (Affiliation)
August 21
Roland de Putter
(Caltech / JPL)
The Cosmic Laboratory: Probing Inflation and other Fundamental Physics with Large-Scale Structure and the CMB Wetzel

Fall Term 2015-2016
Date and Time
Speaker (Affiliation)
October 2
Vikram Ravi
Pulsar timing limit on gravitational waves necessitates re-think of binary supermassive black hole evolution Mingarelli
October 9
Coral Wheeler
(UC Irvine)
Sweating the small stuff: simulating dwarf galaxies, ultra-faint dwarf galaxies, and their own tiny satellites Wetzel
October 16
Emanuele Berti
(Univ of Mississippi)
October 23
Hamsa Padmanabhan
(IUCAA, Pune)
Evolution of baryons in the high-redshift universe Wetzel
October 30
Daniel Lecoanet
(UC Berkeley)
Wave Excitation by Turbulent Stellar Convection Corbett Moran
November 6
Freeke van de Voort
(UC Berkeley)
How gas accretion and galactic outflows affect galaxies and their haloes Wetzel
November 13
Will East
(Stanford Univ)
Compact object mergers with spinning neutron stars Stein
November 20
Nathan Roth
(UC Berkeley)
The X-ray through optical fluxes of Tidal Disruption Events Wetzel
November 27
November 26-27
December 4
Paul Bellan
Integrated accretion disk angular momentum removal and astrophysical jet acceleration mechanism Mingarelli
December 11
Hiroki Nagakura
(Yukawa Institute, Kyoto Univ)
Recent Progress on Multi-D Boltzmann-Neutrino-Hydrodynamics Simulations for Core Collapse in Massive Stars Mingarelli
WINTER BREAK: Dec 12 - Jan 3

Winter Term 2015-2016
Date and Time
Speaker (Affiliation)
January 8
January 15
Sean Carroll
Boltzmann Brains: Why They Appear, and Why They Are Bad Mingarelli
January 22
Elisabeth Krause
Bridging theory and observations - Fundamental physics with cosmological surveys
NOTE unusual venue - 112/114 E. Bridge
January 29
Robyn Sanderson
Inferring the Galactic gravitational potential with Gaia and friends Wetzel
February 5
Fabian Schmidt
From GUT scale to galaxies: probing the early universe with
large-scale structure
NOTE unusual venue - Hameetman Auditorium, Cahill
February 12
Anthony Pullen
(Carnegie Mellon Univ)
Probing Gravity: CMB Lensing, Galaxies, and Intensity Mapping
NOTE unusual venue - 112/114 E. Bridge
February 19
Mehrdad Mirbabayi
EFT of large scale structure, symmetries and constraints
NOTE unusual venue - Hameetman Auditorium, Cahill
February 25
Daniel Green
nu Physics in the Early Universe
Special TAPIR Seminar: NOTE unusual day - Thursday
NOTE unusual venue - Hameetman Auditorium, Cahill
February 26
Ryan Cooke
(UC Santa Cruz)
Confronting the Standard Model with Big Bang Nucleosynthesis
NOTE unusual venue - Hameetman Auditorium, Cahill
March 4
Katelin Schutz
(UC Berkeley)
Using the cosmos to search for the invisible: the hidden worlds of dark matter, black holes, and structure formation Mingarelli
March 11
Joseph Simon
(Univ of Wisconsin Milwaukee)
Exploring the Link Between Galaxy Evolution Parameters and Pulsar Timing Array Observations Mingarelli
March 18
Kazuya Takahashi
(Waseda University)
The link between fluid instabilities in a core-collapse supernova and asymmetric accretion flows in a collapsing progenitor Stein
SPRING BREAK: March 17 - 27

Spring Term 2015-2016
Date and Time
Speaker (Affiliation)
March 25
Sam Gralla
(Univ of Arizona)
Physics near Rapidly Spinning Black Holes
NOTE unusual venue - Hameetman Auditorium, Cahill
April 1
Katherine Mack
(Univ of Melbourne)
Dark Matter in the Cosmic Context Mingarelli
April 8
Jason Gallicchio
(Harvey Mudd College)
Using Quasars and the CMB to Probe Quantum Entanglement Wetzel
April 15
Laura Sales
(UC Riverside)
The Formation of Dwarf Elliptical Galaxies in Clusters Lamberts
April 22
Marcel Schmittfull
(UC Berkeley)
Cosmology beyond the power spectrum and how to keep it simple
NOTE unusual venue - 112/114 E. Bridge
April 29
Liang Dai
Gravitational Lensing of the Transient Sky
NOTE unusual venue - 112/114 E. Bridge
May 6
Nevin Weinberg
Nonlinear Tides in Coalescing Binary Neutron Stars
NOTE unusual venue - 114 E. Bridge
May 13
Wen-fai Fong
(Univ of Arizona)
Setting the Stage for the Era of Gravitational Wave Discovery Stein
May 20
Tessa Baker
(Oxford and Penn)
Cosmological Tests of Gravity Come of Age Stein
May 27
Macarena Lagos
(Imperial College London)
Parametrizing general linear cosmological perturbations Stein
June 3
Charles Steinhardt
Is Hierarchical Merging Broken? Wetzel
June 10
NO SEMINAR -- Caltech Commencement

Summer Term 2015-2016

Date and Time
Speaker (Affiliation)
June 17
June 24
July 1
July 8
July 15
July 22
July 29
August 5
August 12
August 19
August 26
September 2
Yuan-Sen Ting
TBA Wetzel
September 19
September 16