In 2005, I was a middle school student

13 years later, I obtained my PhD in physics

To learn more about my route toward science, you could read the memoir (in Chinese) 大道,大师, 大学 I wrote on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of attending Hefei No. 1 Middle School.


I'm a big fan of Ludwig van Beethoven and Sergei Rachmaninoff. Additionally, as a self-taught pianist, I have composed several pieces of New Age music in my spare time, and here is one of my past compositions.

I have started Chinese ink-and-water painting since childhood. One important object in my painting is horses — since I was born under the year of the horse.

Classical Chinese Literature

Chinese classical literature never fails to fascinate me. The most important piece for me is ZhuangZi by Zhuang Zhou, who, living around the 4th century BC, is an influential Chinese philosopher of the school of Taoism.

I also enjoy reading (and sometimes composing) ancient Chinese poems, as well as the masterpiece of the Chinese novel Dream of the Red Chamber.

Portrait of Zhuang Zhou, from Wikipedia