I am currently a Sherman Fairchild Fellow in Theoretical Astrophysics at California Institute of Technology. I received my Ph.D. in theoretical physics from University of California Santa Barbara in 2018, M.S. in physics from University of Massachusetts Dartmouth in 2013, and B.S. in applied physics from Anhui Jianzhu University in China in 2011.


I study the micro-physical and non-thermal processes including magnetohydrodynamics, turbulence, instabilities and cosmic rays in circumgalactic medium, intracluster medium and Type Ia supernovae.

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I have several years of experience of developing large-scale simulations. In addition, I'm a member of yt Project since 2014, and have used yt to analyze and visualize Terabytes of simulation data on supercomputers.

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About Me

I maintain deep interests in classical Chinese philosophy and literature, especially the philosophical school of Taoism. I'm also an ink-and-water painter, a classical music fan and a new age music composer.

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