New Movies! (Cosmological Simulations)

Bunches of new movies of our FIRE cosmological simulations, uploaded to the site. See them here and here!

For other movies of our simulations, check the following:

Movies of isolated galaxies with powerful outflows driven by supernovae and other forms of feedback from young, massive stars

Movies of galaxy mergers between those same galaxies 

Movies of galaxy merger simulations with outflows driven by accreting black holes instead of massive stars

Movies of “Zoom-In” simulations that follow gas from a merger down to ~0.1 parsec scales as it accretes onto a super-massive black hole

Movies of cosmological simulations, where we follow the formation of galaxies over cosmic time, with powerful outflows driven by feedback

Movies of a fly-through of a Milky-Way like galaxy, formed in cosmological simulations, showing various properties

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