Hello! I’m a member of the faculty in the Theoretical Astrophysics group (TAPIR) at Caltech, with particular interests in the formation of galaxies, stars, planets, and black holes. For details, follow the links above!

Our Group at Caltech:


Andrew Wetzel
(Joint Caltech-Carnegie theory postdoc)

Chris Hayward
(Caltech theory postdoc 
in the Moore Center)

Christine Corbett-Moran
(Caltech NSF Postdoctoral Fellow)

Paul Torrey
(Joint Caltech-MIT
theory postdoc)

Shea Garrison-Kimmel

(Caltech Einstein Postdoctoral Fellow)

Astrid Lamberts
(Caltech theory postdoc in the Burke Institute)

Cameron Hummels
(Caltech NSF Postdoctoral Fellow)

Ji-Hoon Kim
(Caltech Einstein
Postdoctoral Fellow)

At other Institutions: 

Members of our “Galaxies on FIRE” Collaboration:

University of California, San Diego:


Dusan Keres                                 Sasha Muratov                                        T.K. Chan
(UCSD faculty)                            (UCSD Postdoc)                     (UCSD Grad student)

Northwestern University:



Daniel Angles-Alcazar
CIERA Postdoc)

UC Berkeley:


         Eliot Quataert                           Robert Feldmann                    Freeke van de Voort
                   (UCB faculty)                      (Hubble fellow at UCB)       (UCB TAC postdoctoral fellow)  

And Elsewhere:

Desika Narayanan
(Haverford faculty)

Norm Murray
(CITA director)

Jose Onorbe
(MPIA Postdoctoral Fellow)

James Bullock
(UC Irvine Faculty)

Coral Wheeler
(UC Irvine grad student)

Mike Boylan-Kolchin
(U. Maryland faculty)

Other Regular Collaborators (besides the FIRE group):

Lars Hernquist
(Harvard Faculty)

Volker Springel
(HITS faculty)

Rachel Somerville
(Rutgers faculty)

Kevin Bundy
(Kavli IPMU faculty)

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