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Check out this interview with me.

A more recent interview from AAS 228 (2016, but not too out-of-date in the big picture even today), and coverage from Caltech on my work at that meeting

Brief Biographical Information:

Name: Philip Fajardo-Hopkins

Birthday: June 3rd

Phone: 626-395-2563

Email: phopkins —— at —— caltech — dot — edu

High School: 

Saint Ignatius High School, Cleveland, OH, 2000


B.A. in Astronomy from Princeton University, 2004

Graduate School: 

Ph.D. in Astronomy from Harvard University, 2008


Postdoc at UC Berkeley (Miller & Einstein Fellow), 2008-2013


Professor of Theoretical Astrophysics in TAPIR, Caltech, 2013-present

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