Physics 236b: General Relativity

Winter 2016

Course Description

This is an extension of Ph236a, which introduced the basics of classical general relativity. In Ph236b we cover consequences and applications of Einstein's theory of gravitation, including topics such as black holes and gravitational waves.

Rough outline for second term:
  • Relativistic Stars
  • Black Holes
  • Gravitational Waves
  • 3+1 Formulation of GR
  • Foundations of numerical relativity
  • Cosmology

  • Lectures

    Tuesday and Thursday, 2:30pm to 3:55pm, 269 Lauritsen.


    Misner, Thorne, and Wheeler, Gravitation

    Other books that you may find useful:
  • Wald, General Relativity
  • Carroll, Spacetime and Geometry: an Introduction to General Relativity
  • Hartle, Gravity: An Introduction to Einstein's General Relativity

  • Instructor

    Mark Scheel, 337 Cahill, x8418, scheel (at) tapir (dot) caltech

    Office Hours: M 1-2pm

    Teaching Assistants

    Belinda Pang, 357 Calhill, x8654, bpang (at) caltech

    Office Hours: W 4-5pm


    Assignments will be posted here every Thursday, and will be due the following Thursday in class. This course is Pass/Fail by default, based on homework assignments. 60% on homework assignments constitutes a passing grade. There will be no exams.

    Lecture Notes and Assignments