Below are the various courses I have worked as a teaching assistant for.

Fall, 2020

Teaching Assistant for Ph205A,

Quantum Field Theory,

California Institute of Technology,

taught by Sergei Gukov.

Spring, 2020

Teaching Assistant for Ph129C,

Mathematical Methods of Physics: Complex Analysis and PDEs,

California Institute of Technology,

taught by Hiroshi Oguri.

Spring 2019

Teaching Assistant for Phys GU4040,

General Relativity,

Columbia University,

taught by Rachel Rosen.

Pinned Review (Quantum Field Theory, Caltech, Fall 2020):

"Perfect. Best TA I've ever seen, would be a phenomenal professor. Problem sets were difficult, and would have been demoralizing in the extreme without help in TA sessions. Especially remarkable was the fact that Keefe knew the material and the problems (as \ well as the solutions) absolutely inside and out, so no matter where I was stuck he immediately had a helpful suggestion. Plus, the TA demonstrated extensive knowledge of the material beyond the course itself, and could adroitly field questions related to current researc\ h and applications of QFT, recommend other texts that addressed the problems differently, or offer a different approach when (as was usually the case) the course text's presentation was lacking.

Extremely approachable and available outside of organized office hours -- genuinely concerned about the students in the class.

All things considered, HW troubles would have made this class an exceptionally unpleasant experience but for the excellent TA, thanks to whom I had a pretty good time overall." - Anonymous