Capra 17

I’m currently organizing the 17th Capra Meeting on Radiation Reaction in General Relativity, or Capra 17 for short. The dates are not yet finalized nor is the conference website posted. Both of these will be provided soon so please check back!

Reduced Order Modeling in General Relativity (ROM-GR)

I was one of the organizers for the inaugural meeting on Reduced-Order Modeling in General Relativity (ROM-GR) hosted in June 2013 at Caltech. Topics included introductory talks on gravitational waves and current efforts to detect them using interferometer detectors like LIGO, on numerical relativity simulations of black hole coalescences, and on reduced-order modeling techniques, including reduced basis, for large parameterized problems. A main motivation of the meeting was to bring together researchers in gravitational wave physics, applied math, and numerical computing to foster interactions in an open environment of multi-disciplinary discussion and collaboration.

Michele Vallisneri (JPL/Caltech) wrote a very nice comprehensive overview of the meeting for a contribution to the Matters of Gravity newsletter for the Topical Group on Gravitation of the American Physical Society. The overview can be found on the arXiv here (see page 23) if you want to read more about what happened at the meeting.

Further information and slides from the talks can be found at the ROM-GR website.