Syllabus and Class Plan

Important Dates
March 31 - 9am Ay Organizational Meeting
April 30- May 6 midterm period (oral; 20 minute Q&A)
May 30 Last day of classes (because this is officially a class for seniors)

Topics to be covered and tentative lecture plan

1Intro & Overview of ISM across EM SpectrumW1L1,W1L2
2Atomic StructureW2L1,W2L2,W3L1
3HII regions: ionization structre, thermal structure, spectra and diagnosticsW3L1,W3L2,W4L1,W4L1,W5L1
4Dust: fundamental processes (absorption, emission, scattering), grain properties & populations, extinction, emission properties W5L1,W5L2,W6L1
5Molecular structure and spectroscopyW6L1,W6L2
6Molecular Clouds/Photodissociation RegionsW7L1
7Diffuse atomic gas, 21cm, absorption linesW7L2
8Hydrodynamics, MHD, Shocks and applicationsW8L1,W8L2
9Star FormationW9L1,W9L2

Total of ~17-18 1.5h lectures. Will pick 2 regular lecture time slots & one make-up slot
7 homework sets (70% of grade)
1 oral midterm (pass/fail)
1 final exam (written, take-home; 30% of grade)

Kwok, Physics and Chemistry of the Interstellar Medium
Clarke & Carswell (CC), Principles of Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics (available as ebook!).

Dyson & Williams (DW), The Physics of the ISM
Kwok, Interstellar Medium
Draine, Physics of the ISM and IGM
Tielens, Physics and Chemistry of the ISM
Osterbrock & Ferland (OF), Astrophys. of Gaseous Nebulae and AGNs

Lecture Weeks
W1 Week 03/31 - 04/06
W2 Week 04/07 - 04/13 (Ott gone Mon/Tue)
W3 Week 04/14 - 04/20
W4 Week 04/21 - 04/27
W5 Week 04/28 - 05/04 (midterm week. Ott gone Mon/Tue)
W6 Week 05/05 - 05/11 (Ott gone Friday)
W7 Week 05/12 - 05/18
W8 Week 05/19 - 05/25
W9 Week 05/26 - 06/01
Term papers due 06/07, 5pm (via e-mail to TA and instructor)