Syllabus and Class Plan

Important Dates
January 5 - 9am Ay Organizational Meeting
February 4 - February 10 midterm period (oral; 20 minute Q&A)
March 11 Last day of classes
March 16-18 Final period

Topics to be covered and tentative lecture plan

1Intro and Basic Properties of StarsW1L1,W1L2
2Star Formation, pre-MS Evolution, Basic Fluid dynamicsW2L1,W2L2
3Radiative Transfer and Stellar AtmospheresW3L1,W3L2,W4L1
4Stellar InteriorsW4L2,W5L1,W5L2,W6L1
5Stellar Nucleosynthesis, Evolution, and End StagesW6L2,W7L1,W7L2,W8L1,W8L2
6Binary StarsW9L1, W9L2
7Supernova ExplosionsW10L1

Total of ~17-18 1.5h lectures. Total of 9 weekly 2h "lab"/computing sessions.
Homework and "lab" sets every week or so (70% of grade). Most of the time lab sets will be part of the homework sets, but once in a while, we will have a separate lab worksheet.
1 oral midterm (pass/fail)
1 final exam (written, take-home; 30% of grade)

Collaboration Policy
Science is a team sport -- so work in teams on homework an lab sets! It is of particular importance that you collaborate on computing exercises. However, each student is responsible for preparing their own writeup and must fully understand the math/physics/astrophysics of the written-up solution they hand in. The honor code applies!

Late Homework Policy
Extensions on homework will be granted with notes from the health center. Under special circumstances, extensions may be granted by the TAs and the lecturers. If special circumstances do not apply and no extension is granted, 10% of your score will be deducted for every 24h-period your homework is late.

LeBlanc, An Introduction to Stellar Astrophysics, 2010.
There is an e-book version available through the Caltech library that can be read by one student at a time.

Hansen, Kawaler, & Trimble, Stellar Interiors, 2004 (2nd edition)
Phillips, The Physics of Stars, 1999
Böhm-Vitense, Stellar Astrophysics Vol. 2: Stellar Atmospheres, 1989
Böhm-Vitense, Stellar Astrophysics Vol. 3: Stellar Structure and Evolution, 1989
Gray, The Observation and Analysis of Stellar Photospheres, 2005 (3rd edition)
Rutten, Radiative Transfer in Stellar Atmospheres, 2003

Lecture Weeks
W1 Week 01/05 - 01/09
W2 Week 01/12 - 01/16 (Ott gone 01/15, Drew Clausen teaching 01/15)
W3 Week 01/19 - 01/23 (Ott gone 01/22-01/26, Sean Couch teaching 01/22,01/23)
W4 Week 01/26 - 01/30
W5 Week 02/02 - 02/06 (02/04-02/10 midterm period)
W6 Week 02/09 - 02/13
W7 Week 02/16 - 02/20
W8 Week 02/23 - 02/27
W9 Week 03/02 - 03/06
W10 Week 03/09 - 03/11 (1 lecture)
03/16 - 03/18 final due