Computing in Ay101

We will do a fair bit of computing in this class. This is to train you more (if you are not yet a pro) in using your computer as a tool for astrophysics.

It is critical that you familiarize yourself with the basics of Python and LaTeX. You can do so by reading Chapter II of the Ay190 class notes: ay190_052e33d.pdf.

Virtual Machine: Ay101 Ubuntu Linux

We will use virtualization to run a uniform instance of Ubuntu Linux on all student computers. The advantage of this is that we will have a common computing environment to work with that already has most (if not all) of the requried software packages installed. It will also be easy to install any additional software.

Download the free Oracle VirtualBox software for your operating system and install it. Next download (from the Caltech network!) the Ay101 image and load it into VirtualBox. The username for ay101 is simply ay101 and the password is "starsarefun". Note that the image is *large* -- about 7 GB. Make sure you have sufficient disk space on your computer before downloading it!

Please check the Computing Updates page for additional hints or instructions!