Computer Codes

The following computer codes used in my publications are available here.

Internal Links: The following packages are maintained here by Chris Hirata.

Name/Link Language Description/References
Space-Based Galaxy Survey Exposure Time Calculator C Exposure time calculator for dark energy space missions (written originally for WFIRST but potentially of broader application). The ETC supports both weak lensing and galaxy clustering (Hα emission line survey) modes.
Hirata et al, 1204.5151 (2012)

External Links: The following packages are maintained by collaborators.

Name/Link Maintained by Language Description/References
(Shear Reconvolution Analysis)
Rachel Mandelbaum IDL A code to generate simulated ground-based images of galaxies from space-based data, optionally with a lensing shear applied.
Mandelbaum et al, MNRAS 420:1518 (2012)
HyRec Yacine Ali-Haïmoud C A code to compute fast cosmological recombination histories for hydrogen and helium. Sparse matrix techniques are applied to allow rapid solution of the level population and radiative transfer equations without the use of fitting formulae.
Ali-Haïmoud & Hirata, PRD 83:043513 (2011)
SpDust Yacine Ali-Haïmoud IDL A code to compute spinning dust emissivities (jν) for a specified set of interstellar medium conditions.
Ali-Haïmoud, Hirata, & Dickinson, MNRAS 395:1055 (2009)
Silsbee, Ali-Haïmoud, & Hirata, MNRAS 411:2750 (2011)